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Fly on the Mac is a fun, free game-play site where you can play the rumors. As we post new rumor bets, you can bet credits on which option you think is correct. Winning odds depend on how many people bet on the same option. The more you win, the more you can play! (Sidenote: we do offer the ability to purchase credits should luck not be a lady for you).

To help keep you informed on the latest rumors, we collect and link to the latest news from great sites that keep track of what's rumored and what's happening in the Apple world.

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Recent Bets

December 2018
There's been ongoing chatter about Apple opening up a Campus in North Carolina. We already know they announced Austin and several data centers along the west coast, but will NC get a campus as well?
Elon Musk has talked about the possibility of a Tesla Truck several times. Will we see a prototype previewed in 2019? If so, which month? The correct answer would be an official event where the truck is introduced.
November 2018
Let's be honest, AR (augmented reality) is pretty cool, but nobody wants to walk down the street holding their phone in front of them. Will Apple announce something along the lines of Google Glass or Microsoft's Hololens in 2019?
First talked about back in WWDC, the app was said to be announced in "Later 2018." Well, we can't get much later then December, so will we see the app soon? (When it's first released to at least one market, if there's a multiple market release)
To be honest, we haven't heard anything about the potential of this, but we have to wonder, since Photoshop is coming to the iPad, will we see Final Cut Pro as well?
The Mac mini looks great for professional use and lets not count out the iMac Pro, but we can't wait until Apple drops the i and announces the Mac Pro. When will they first talk about it? This is not about when it's released, only when they introduce it.
Love a good developers conference, but what week will we be seeing the keynote on for 2019?
It's been almost a year since the regular iPad was updated and almost two years for the iPad mini. With the iPad Pros getting the love in late 2018, will the regular iPads get updated in 2019?
One of the lessons Steve Jobs apparently never taught Tim Cook was to never talk about products before they were ready to go, alas, we have to wonder if we'll be seeing AirPower in 2019.

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