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2020 US Democratic Nominee

Who will win the Democratic Nomination? Options are in alphabetical order. List of candidates was from Wikipedia. No bets will be accepted after Super Tuesday on March 3rd. However there will be the Iowa and Nevada caucuses and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. before that time (in case you need help selecting a winner). The bet will be officially settled when the candidate is announced at the National Convention, which takes place July 13 – 16, 2020. Keep any comments civil. * indicate they participated in the first Democratic Debate.

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Bet OptionsRatio
Michael Bennet *No Bets
Joe Biden *No Bets
Cory Booker *No Bets
Steve BullockNo Bets
Pete Buttigieg *No Bets
Julian Castro *No Bets
Bill de Blasio *No Bets
John Delaney *No Bets
Tulsi Gabbard *No Bets
Kirsten Gillibrand *No Bets
Mike GravelNo Bets
Kamala Harris *No Bets
John Hickenlooper *No Bets
Jay Inslee *No Bets
Amy Klobuchar *No Bets
Wayne MessamNo Bets
Seth MoultonNo Bets
Beto O'Rourke *No Bets
Tim Ryan *No Bets
Bernie Sanders *No Bets
Joe SestakNo Bets
Eric Swalwell *No Bets
Elizabeth Warren *No Bets
Marianne Williamson *No Bets
Andrew Yang *No Bets
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Betting Rules/Info

Fly on the Mac is a game site. There is no real money at stake.

Betting is similar to the way horse racing operates. As higher credits are bet on a particular option, the winning amount is reduced. For example, if the odds for a particular option are 300 : 1, you would win 300 credits for each credit you bet. If the odds are 100 : 2, you would win 100 credits for every 2 you bet. In the first example, if you bet 100 credits, you would get 30,000 credits in winnings. In the second example, you would have won 5,000.

The final odds are based on the accepted bets at the time of Settlement.

All winnings will be rounded up to the next full credit.

All bets have a minimum 24-hour quiet period prior to bet closing.

When a bet is closed, the admin determines the appropriate quiet period, which determines the Settlement time. Any bets placed after the Settlement time are refunded back.

For Example: If a bet is closed on April 15 at 10:30am EST, any bets placed after April 14, 10:30am EST will be refunded.

Final odds will be calculated based upon all bets placed before Settlement time.

Once a bet is submitted, it's final. We do not offer the ability to undo bets.

If a bet is placed after the settlement time, it is refunded to the user.

From time to time, bets may be invalidated for a variety of reasons. All funds bet on these are returned to the users.