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Have you heard about AirPods 3?

Some say they’ll be released in 2019. Some say they’ll include waterproofing. Some say they’ll have a higher price as well. What’s your say? If Apple talks about waterproofing enhancements in their media/website, then we’re calling it “with waterproofing” even if it’s not fully waterproof. Higher price is relative to a similar model depending on the case included.

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Bet OptionsRatio
Nothing new in 2019No Bets
New model with waterproofing, same priceNo Bets
New model with waterproofing, higher priceNo Bets
New model, no waterproofing, same price (some other new feature)No Bets
New model, no waterproofing, higher price (some other new feature)No Bets
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