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Welcome to Fly on the Mac

Hello and welcome to Fly on the Mac.

Many lives ago, way back at the turn of the 21st century, Fly on the Mac was born.  We initially started out as a way to follow Apple news and rumors.

The iMac was just a year old, the iBook G3 recently released and it’d be at least another year before the iPod was released and changed Apple for ever.  2000 also saw the release of the much debated Power Mac G4 Cube (we loved it, but many hated it).

Rumors about Apple and what they would release and when was very popular despite the small base of devoted Apple fans.  The message boards of sites were rampant with comments about what people thought was going to be released and how much they loved/hated whatever it was.  We often saw people say, “I’ll bet they’ll release…” and that gave us an idea.

Why not have a site where people can actually “wager” on Apple rumors?  And the current version of Fly on the Mac was born.  Of course, we can’t pay out any money, as that would constitute Gambling, so this is just a fun Game play website.

The first version of Fly on the Mac was active until late-2005 when I took a job at Apple Retail and closed down the site.  In 2016, I left Apple Retail and recently decided to rebuild the site and relaunch it.

And here we are…