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Apple removes Zoom web server in stealth Mac update

Apple Has Pushed a Silent MacOS Update to Remove Zoom’s Hidden Web Server
Daring Fireball, July 11, 2019 08:57 PM UTC
Apple Uses Its Malware Removal Tool to Block Vulnerable Versions of Zoom and Its Hidden Local Server
Pixel Envy, July 11, 2019 12:49 AM UTC
Apple fixes major Zoom video conferencing security flaw
Cult of Mac, July 11, 2019 12:20 AM UTC
Apple pushes silent macOS update to remove web server secretly installed by Zoom
9to5Mac, July 10, 2019 11:27 PM UTC
Apple is silently removing Zoom’s web server software from Macs
The Verge, July 10, 2019 11:12 PM UTC
Apple pushes silent Mac update to remove hidden Zoom web server
Loop Insight, July 10, 2019 10:59 PM UTC
Apple removes Zoom web server in stealth Mac update
AppleInsider, July 10, 2019 10:58 PM UTC
Apple rolls out silent update to remove Zoom web server from Macs
iMore, July 10, 2019 10:47 PM UTC
Apple quietly saves Zoom’s …
MacDailyNews, July 10, 2019 10:30 PM UTC

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